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Samuel Pepys
Elizabeth I
London's Underworld
Fleet Marriages.
The Cries of London

Above Westminster the Thames is quite frozen over...Many fantastical experiments are daily put in practice, as certain youths burnt a gallon of wine upon the ice and made all the passengers partakers. but the best is of an honest woman (they say) that had a great longing to have her husband get her with child upon the Thames.

-- John Chamberlain January 8 1608

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Bill McCann
Posted on Nov 02, 2004 - 02:56 PM by Bill McCann

Bill McCann started the Story of London website as a hobby in 1999. He saw this as an ideal way of sharing his passion for, and knowledge of, London's archaeology and history with everyone interested in the great metropolis, wherever in the worl they might be.
From the outset, Bill's guiding principle was that the people who never made it into the mainstream history books should figure large in the Story of London. As an archaeologist in the city he excavated many more artefacts from the ordinary, hum-drum, daily round than he did of the exotic lifestyle of the political and religious rulers of this great city. Without the hum-drum round, he often said, the drum-drum pomp could never have happened.
And so it is that you will find in this site the greats, such as Elizabeth I, rubbing shoulders with the sneak-thief eaking out a living by stealing handkerchiefs or the little girl, shoeless, selling cress in 18th century covent Garden from cold early dawn to the drizzle-filled winter dusk. That was London and that is the London Bill wanted to see on this site. That is what we hope to continue to bring to you in what has been described as "a wonderful, Quirky site about London."
Bill began his professional life as a research Chemist. After leaving University College Galway, Ireland, with a B.Sc. in Chemistry, Physics and biochemnistry and a Ph.D. in Physical Cemistry, he came to London in 1978 to work as a Poat-Doctoral Research Assistant at Imperial College. After a nyukmber of years he found himself as a volunteer asrchaeologist with the Museum of London.
By 2000 he had worked his way throught he ranks to establoish and manage a Geophysical Laboratory - the Clark Laboratory - at the Museum of London Archaeology Service.


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Bill McCann | Login/Create an account | 32 Comments
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