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September Week 1
Posted on Jun 10, 2002 - 05:58 AM by Bill McCann

This page provides daily updates on past events and anniversaries during the First week of September. The events included are those that either happened in London or had an effect, one way or another, on the lives of Londoners.

This page provides daily updates on past events and anniversaries during the First week of September. The events included are those that either happened in London or had an effect, one way or another, on the lives of Londoners.

Daily updates on Events during the First week

Below are the events and anniversaries for this week both about London and Londoners and Outside London.

The archive for these pages has been arranged in a series of monthly Digests. To speed up navigation, these have been further divided into four weekly instalments. These pages are all comprehensively interlinked.

The Outside London section offers daily updates on a range of political, cultural, scientific and religious events and anniversaries in History and which had, in one way or another, an effect on London Life.

Links to the anniversaries and events in the other weeks of the month are given in the following table whilst links to the other months of the year can be found at the bottom of the page.

Second WeekThird WeekFinal Week

London and Londoners


1159, Tuesday September 1, Death of Nicholas Brakespeare, Pope Adrian IV, the only English pope. He had been elected to the Holy See in 1154 and one of his first papal acts was to grant dominion over Ireland to Henry II of England. His right to do so was based on a supposed grant of dominion over all Christian islands to the pope by Constantine the Great.
1856, Monday September 1, Death of the British sculptor Richard Westmacott.
1877,Saturday September 1, Birth of the English physicist Francis Aston.
1933, Friday September 1, The Shape of Things to Come the classic science fiction novel by H G Wells was published.
1967, Wednesday September 1, Death of the English writer Siegfried Sassoon


1666, Sunday September 2, The Great Fire of London began in a baker's shop in Pudding Lane near London Bridge; it destroyed 13,000 buildings in four days.
1726, Friday September 2, Birth of the English philanthropist John Howard.
1752, Wednesday September 2, The Julian calendar was used in Britain and the Colonies 'officially' for the last time; as in the rest of Europe the following day became 14 September in the Gregorian calendar.
1843,Saturday September 2, The Economist was founded to campaign for free trade.
1861, Monday September 2, An error by a signalman caused two trains to collide at Gospel Oak near Kentish Town. Five carriages fell from the viaduct onto the road below killing 16 and injuring 321 passengers.
1865, Monday September 2, The death of George Middleton Ball in his eighties at the Debtor's Prison on Whitecross Street after 22 years incarceration for debt.
1877, Sunday September 2, Birth of the English physical chemist Frederick Soddy.
1938, Friday September 2, Birth of the English dramatist Michael Hastings.
1939,Saturday September 2, Under the National Service Bill men aged 19 41 were conscripted.
1994, Friday September 2, Death of the British entertainer Roy Castle


1553, Monday September 3, Edward Courtenay was made Earl of Devonshire.
1650, Tuesday September 3, In the Civil War, Oliver Cromwell defeated the Scots at the second Battle of Dunbar.
1651, Wednesday September 3, Royalist troops under Charles II were defeated by Oliver Cromwell at the second Battle of Worcester.
1658, Friday September 3, Death of the Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell.
1734, Tuesday September 3, Birth of the British painter Joseph Wright.
1878, Tuesday September 3, The Princess Alice pleasure steamer collided with a ship carrying ballast at Crossness Point near Woolwich. She was carrying more than 800 day trippers on their way back from sheerness and sank immediately. There were only 150 survivors.
1916, Sunday September 3, The British pilot William Robinson chased an airship over the Home Counties and north London and succeeded in shooting it down over Enfield killing its crew. He was awarded the Victoria Cross but was himself shot down in April 1917.
1993, Friday September 3, Death of the English engineer and industrialist David Brown


1588, September 4, Death of Robert Dudley Earl of Leicester.
1767, Tuesday September 4, Death of the English politician Charles Townshend.
1813,Saturday September 4, Death of the English architect James Wyatt.
1899, Monday September 4, The new Moorfields Eye hospital was opened on its present site in City Road and was the premier eye hospital in the world. Until 1956 it was officially known as the Royal London Opthalmic Hospital.
1909,Saturday September 4, The first Boy Scout rally was held at Crystal Palace.
1988, Sunday September 4, British Customs officials thwarted the first known attempt by persons to smuggle drugs into Britain from Holland using a helicopter.
1996, Wednesday September 4, Lloyd's of London received final regulatory approval for a 3.2 billion restructuring plan designed to prevent the 308-year-old market from becoming insolvent.
1997, Thursday September 4, Death of the British psychologist Hans J rgen Eysenck.


1548, Wednesday September 5, Death of Catherine Parr sixth and last wife of Henry VIII.
1946, Thursday September 5, Birth of the British vocalist Freddie Mercury.
1962, Wednesday September 5, Death of the British fighter pilot Douglas Bader.
1963, Thursday September 5, Christine Keeler one of the women involved in the Profumo scandal was arrested and charged with perjury.
1988, Monday September 5, No Sex Please We're British the longest running comedy in the West end closed after 6,671 performances over 16 years.
1997, Friday September 5, Death of the Hungarian-born British conductor Sir Georg Solti


1766, Wednesday September 6, Birth of the English chemist John Dalton.
1880, Monday September 6, The first Test Match between England and Australia opened at the Oval. England won by five wickets.
1892, Tuesday September 6, Birth of the English physicist Edward Appleton.
1952,Saturday September 6, Death of the English actress and singer Gertrude Lawrence.
1964, Sunday September 6, The Observer colour supplement launched.
1981, Sunday September 6, News of the World magazine Sunday waslaunched.
1994, Tuesday September 6, Death of the British writer James du Maresq Clavell.
1997,Saturday September 6, The funeral service for Diana Princess of Wales was held in Westminster Abbey. An estimated 2 billion people world-wide watched it on television


1533, Sunday September 7, Birth of Elizabeth the First at Greenwich palace.
1807, Monday September 7, A false fire alarm at Saddler's Wells Theatre caused a stampede in which 18 people are known to have died.
1913, Sunday September 7, Birth of the English actor Anthony Quayle.
1915, Tuesday September 7, Two days of Zeppelin raids began and resulted in 32 deaths in south and east London.

Outside London


70,Saturday September 1, The destruction of Jerusalem under Titus began.
1864, Thursday September 1, Birth of the Irish Nationalist Roger Casement.
1886, Wednesday September 1, The Severn Tunnel a railway tunnel between England and Wales was opened for goods traffic.
1939, Friday September 1, Germany invaded Poland starting World War II


31 BCE, Wednesday September 2, Emperor Augustus (Octavian) defeated Antony at the Battle of Actium.
1834, Tuesday September 2, Death of the Scottish civil engineer Thomas Telford.
1973, Sunday September 2, Death of the English writer J R R Tolkein.
1987, Wednesday September 2, The CD-video combining digital sound with high-definition video was launched by Philips


1783, Sunday September 3, Britain recognised American independence with the signing of a treaty in Paris.
1883, Monday September 3, Death of the Russian dramatist Ivan Sergeyevich Turgenev.
1976, Friday September 3, The US spacecraft Viking 2 landed on Mars and began sending pictures of the red planet to earth


1571, Sunday September 4, Hamilton Earl of Lennox regent of Scotland shot and killed at Stirling.
1768, Thursday September 4, Birth of the French author Vicomte Fran ois Ren de Chateaubriand.
1824,Saturday September 4, Birth of the Austrian composer Anton Bruckner.
1870, Sunday September 4, Emperor Napoleon III Bonaparte's nephew was deposed and the Third Republic was proclaimed.
1905, Thursday September 4, Birth of the English novelist Mary Renault.
1985, Wednesday September 4, The wreck of the Titanic on the Atlantic seaboard was photographed by remote control.
1989, Monday September 4, Death of the Belgian crime writer Georges Simenon


1791, Friday September 5, Birth of the German composer Giacomo Meyerbeer.
1800, Friday September 5, French troops surrendered Malta to the British following Nelson's naval blockade .
1857,Saturday September 5, Death of the French philosopher Auguste Comte


1522,Saturday September 6, Ferdinand Magellan's 17 surviving crew members reached the Spanish coast aboard the Vittoria having completed the first circumnavigation of the world.
1701,Saturday September 6, Estimated first issue of the Norwich Post: probably the first provincial newspaper.
1852, Monday September 6, Britain's first free lending library opened in Manchester.


1838, Friday September 7, Grace Darling and her father rescued the crew of the Forfarshire a steamer wrecked off the Northumberland coast. She subsequently became a national heroine.
1910, Wednesday September 7, Death of the British painter William Hunt.
1923, Friday September 7, Birth of the English actor Peter Lawford

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